City of Albion – Snow Removal Policy

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In 2018 the Mayor and City Council updated an established 2010 snow removal policy statement to promote and support public safety as well as general day to day activity in the commercial and residential districts.

Please share this information with others, especially those who hold private property in the downtown district AND/OR those who remove snow from private property on a for-hire basis.

Have a safe a happy holiday season!

Click here for a printable link to the policy in pdf format.


Public Snow Removal Policy:

  1. City crews will keep the Fire Hall ingress/egress and emergency routes of 6th, 11th, and Fairview Streets passable throughout storm;
  2. Following the storm City crews will focus snow removal in the downtown business district by plowing snow to the center of the street to be hauled away at a later time,
    • Crews will attempt to plow downtown at times when downtown traffic and parking is low, such as in late evening or early morning; therefore, it is important that downtown sidewalks are cleared as quickly as possible following a snow storm;
  3. Residential areas will be cleared after the downtown business district, focusing first on North/South Streets and then East/West Streets; and,
  4. Residential alleys and recreational areas are cleared on the lowest priority basis.

Private Snow Removal Policy:

  1. No citizen or contractor shall place snow in any City Street unless in the designated downtown business district, or otherwise expressly permitted;
  2. In order to coordinate with the public snow removal process, all sidewalks within the business district should be cleared into the street as quickly as possible. However, if the plow has already been past a downtown business district property sidewalk before you begin snow removal; please push snow all the way to the center of the street if you are able to do so. This will help keep overflow snow from being re-deposited upon your sidewalk if crews come past again later;
  3. No citizen or contractor shall place snow from a property upon another property without express consent of the property owner;
  4. No citizen or contractor shall place snow upon any fire hydrant;
  5. No citizen or contractor shall place snow upon any active gas metering device;
  6. No citizen or contractor shall place snow in a height of 3 feet or taller within site triangles of intersections;
  7. City Ordinance dictates that citizens in residential districts shall be responsible for removing snow from their sidewalks within 24 hours after cessation of storm; and,
  8. Property owners may be required to have snow hauled away in order to comply with this policy.

Parking Restrictions Associated with Snow Removal:

  1. Upon declaration of snow emergency, parking restrictions on the emergency routes of 6th, 11th, and Fairview Streets will be strictly enforced to allow for the plows to keep the emergency routes open during the storm.
  2. Following the storm parking restrictions in residential areas will be similarly enforced. All citizens should move vehicles to off street parking upon declaration of snow emergency. If absolutely no off street parking is available, it is encouraged to park on East/West streets until the North/South streets are cleared; then to park on the North/South streets until all East/West streets are cleared.