Burn Ban in Effect – Albion Fire District No 1

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Hello Residents of the Albion Fire District,

I am writing to update the status of allowable burning in the Albion fire district. Due to the current drought conditions, the potential for extreme fire behavior, and unfavorable weather conditions, I am implementing a complete burn ban on all outdoor burning in the Albion fire district. This includes burn barrels, fire pits, and any other burning that is not completely contained. Please help spread the word of this, as we do not have a single source of communication available to reach everyone in the fire district. Too many times this year we have already seen the impact from these fires to wildlife, habitat, personal property, and human life. There are alternate means of disposing of rubbish or keeping warm while outside that are much safer than open fires and we need to be using those alternatives at this time. I appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation with this and I’m sure your friends and neighbors will as well.


Bruce Benne

Albion Fire Chief