Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee was created as an advisory body for the Economic Development Plan for the City of Albion.  Nebraska State Legislative Bill 840 allows communities to capture some portion of local sales tax for economic development use if approved by it's citizens during a regular election.  The citizens of Albion, Nebraska approved allocating 25% of 1 cent of all sales tax collected to economic development efforts within Albion.  The economic development activities are overseen by the Albion Economic Development Corporation.  When the AEDC board desires to allocate sales tax dollars to a specific project, the Citizens Advisory Committee must first vote to recommend approval to the Albion City Council.  At a regular meeting, the City Council will consider the request to allocate funds and if approved by the Council, funds will be released to AEDC for the project.  

These layers of transparency in local government assist governing bodies in maintaining accountability and developing increased trust with citizens.  

Citizens Advisory Committee is mayoral appointed and has no term limits.

Current CAC Members
Stacy Gragert
Ed Knott
Shelley Lueken
Katie Score
Jay Wolf
Doug Young
Amy Zaruba

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