Local Utility Rates


Water, Sewer, Solid Waste

City of Albion, 420 W Market Street.  402-395-2803

Standard Water Rate: $27.05/Bi-Monthly plus usage
$27.05 plus $10.00 per 1000 cubic feet used for every two (2) months of each year with a minimum bill of $27.05 bi-monthly.

Standard Sewer Rate: $64.00/Bi-Monthly plus usage
$64.00 plus $19.25 per 1000 cubic feet based on the amount of water used during the December/January billing cycle with a minimum bill of $64.00 bi-monthly. 

Garbage Service is provided by third-party contractor and billed to consumers on their bi-monthly utility bills.

Commercial Garbage: 
Rates dependent upon size of container and number of weekly pickups. 

Residential Garbage: $16.25/Month*

Senior Citizen Garbage: $13.25/Month*

*price for one tote; additional totes are $10.00 per tote. 


Loup Public Power District


Natural Gas

BlackHills Energy