Albion Subdivision Regulations

The City of Albion Subdivision Regulations provide framework and a prescribed process for orderly development of new additions to, as well as re-development of existing property within, the City of Albion's jurisdiction.

  • City of Albion Subdivision Regulations - Full Text
  • Preliminary Plat Application
  • Administrative Plats - Lot Splits, Lot Combinations, and/or Boundary Adjustments
    Administrative Plat Requirements: Owner Certification; Legal Description; City Approval – signature line for Code Official/Zoning Administrator, attest by Deputy City Clerk; Registrar of Deeds filing certification.
  • Replat/Small Tract Subdivision Application
    Replat/Administrative Plat Application Process:
    • Whenever a subdivision or resubdivision of a parcel consists of four (4) or fewer lots, the Planning Commission may waive the separate submission requirements for the Preliminary and Final Plats to expedite the subdivision review process if, in the judgement of the Planning Commission, separate submission will not serve the public interest and will not conflict with the intent of these regulations.
    • Complete the Application form – utilize checklist to be sure complete. The application requires completion of a survey. Surveyor will need a copy of the checklist to be sure all required information, certificates and acknowledgements are present on the survey. Have surveyor call City Hall to clarify requirements if has any questions.
    • Return completed application, 4 copies of survey, and full application fees for both concurrent preliminary and final plats to City Clerk’s office. The Clerk will review for completeness.
    • Once determined that the application is complete and in proper form, a public hearing will then be scheduled at the next available Planning Commission meeting. The Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the City Council regarding the application.
    • A public hearing will also be scheduled and held at the next available City Council meeting. The costs for publication of the notices of the public hearings will be invoiced to the applicant.
    • If approved, the City Clerk will return a certified copy of the approved application and survey to the applicant for filing at the Boone County Registrar’s Office.