Flags Over Church Street

Defining the Midwestern work ethic.

We’re a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-make-something-happen kind of town. And that’s just the way we like it.

Take a look around our community and you’ll see a wealth of business and industry. From manufacturing to retail, Albion offers a productive workforce and a community that recognizes the importance of buying local.

Our progressive nature is evident by the people that make up our Chamber of Commerce and the Albion Economic Development Corporation. Volunteers and professionals alike, work hard to ensure that our youth grow up with a strong desire to raise their own families here.

From job opportunities to shopping, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Albion.

Albion Economic Development Corporation

Albion Economic Development Corporation is an active agent for economic development on behalf of the City of Albion, Nebraska.  AEDC works to provide support to the efforts of individuals, businesses and organizations looking to build the future of Albion. From downtown entrepreneurs to multistate manufacturers, AEDC works to provide an economy that benefits the citizens of Albion.  

The objectives of the Albion Economic Development Corporation Board are: 

  • Grow the available housing stock in Albion through a multifaceted approach, addressing the needs for all housing types over time;
  • Support the growth and retention of existing businesses, through funding, coaching and transition planning;
  • Recruit businesses that complement our existing businesses downtown, industrial park and other locations throughout Albion;
  • Encourage the growth of new business in downtown through identifying entrepreneurs, providing financial resource options, and cultivating a relationship of open communication with business owners and 
  • Continue to gain alignment with City Government, the Chamber of Commerce and the Albion Area Arts Council.