Boone County Trails System – Fairgrounds & Fuller Park Loop


The Fairgrounds and Fuller Park Loop, an 8-foot-wide concrete accessible recreational trail, is located near other City and County recreation areas—such as the County Fairgrounds, City Park, Campgrounds, and Aquatic Center—and provides another safe and convenient outdoor recreation resource to the area.

There are two main loops which provide several distance and difficulty options for patrons.

The Fuller Park Loop is very flat and measures .3 miles in distance.

The Fairgrounds Loop is 1.5 miles in distance and crosses the Fairgrounds, Radio Towers, Water Tower, and utilizes the SOUTH side of the Fuller Park Loop. This loop has more elevation changes than the Fuller Park Loop. The section between the southwest radio tower and the water tower has the most amount of slope on the entire trail. *Inexperienced users may wish to turn around at these points.

The longest looped option, 1.75 miles, incorporates the entire perimeter of both loops—the Fairgrounds Loop and then across the NORTH side of the Fuller Park Loop.

A 2016 Community Survey identified recreational trails as the top priority for area citizens. The Fairgrounds & Fuller Park Loop project, constructed in the Summer of 2018, is the first leg of a multi-phased initiative designed to fulfill this need.

This trail project, constructed on City and County property, is a collaborative initiative of: The Boone County Foundation Fund, the City of Albion, Boone County, Boone County Development Agency, Boone County Agricultural Society, and interested citizens.