Cost of Living

Budgeting for success.

Living in Albion comes with an assortment of perks. We’re a community committed to growth, proactively looking for ways to help individuals and families prosper in a safe environment for their children. It’s even more affordable to live here—the cost of living in Albion is 14.20% lower than the U.S. average. And with an unemployment rate of just 2.50%, we believe anyone has an opportunity to succeed.

Tax Issues

Albion has a 1 percent city sales tax which became effective July 1998, with 25% of the revenue going toward economic development and 75% toward public works capital improvements. In 2006, the Albion Fire Department was successful in adding a 0.5% city sales tax to build a fire station, help with maintenance expenses of that building and large equipment purchases for 10 years. In 2016, Albion voters approved a ten-year extension to the 1/2-cent sales tax with the following new allocation schedule: 50% property tax relief to pay swimming pool bonded debt; 30% to Fire Department Building, Equipment, & Maintenance; 10% to Police Department Building, Equipment, & Maintenance; 5% to City Hall Building & Maintenance; 5% to Library Building & Maintenance.


Budget History Chart
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